Special Angel

Why It Works

As a group we have performed in many places for different audiences but we all agree that the work we do with young people is by far the most rewarding. To see how the music can bring out feelings and change attitudes from the time we begin to when we leave is truly magical. Why it works We are able to connect immediately with any and all groups through sharing our own personal experience. Singing songs about real life issues enables us to talk about changing high risk behavior without lecturing or preaching. We are willing to be honest with the kids about our own feelings. Because of our approach, we find the kids connect with us in a special way. It's interesting to see how they relate to the music and to us as a mother and daughter, especially those who have not had positive relationships of their own. Through the music these young people open up in a way they are unable to do at other times. Our band leader and music director, Jon Walmsley, has assembled a group of multi-talented professional musicians who have been with us for many years and have the ability to fit in with any group. They are selected for their ability to relate to kids and their commitment and belief in the mission of The Special Angel Project. They are particularly good with tough or initially resistant groups and always win them over with their musical ability. The music is the catalyst for all of it. Music is truly a Universal language and a true healer. There are other programs that use music with kids but we bring a unique ability to communicate on a real world level and the kids really open up to us. Our songs relate to real life problems and feelings. We have found that this works in helping kids talk and then open up in a way that helps them to continue to be able to learn and grow in their respective programs. Counselors have repeatedly been amazed at our ability to get the kids to talk with us so openly.


"Every kid in trouble needs a special angel. We all have it in us to be one."

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