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When my daughter Kelly was a teenager, we sometimes had things we disagreed on such as most parents of teenagers do from time to time. As a mom, I had many sleepless nights wondering where I was going wrong. One thing that helped our relationship was the songs I was writing. The feelings the songs brought out helped us to communicate and learn to listen to each other through the music. She began asking me to sing them for her friends and it had the same effect on them. Soon Kelly was singing along with me and the magic of the music became a powerful way to encourage open discussion on issues facing us in the real world. We found that the music created a "safe place" that enabled us to talk about self-esteem, not giving in to negative peer pressure, believing in yourself and focusing on becoming the person you are meant to be. We also found that the kids were not shy about talking about things such as relationships, drugs, alcohol and other things that could have a negative impact on their lives. Music became a catalyst for opening the mind to positive change. We knew we were onto something important! The seeds for The Special Angel Project were planted in 1989 when we sang for a group of kids in Atlanta, Ga. In 1990 we moved to Beverly Hills, CA. Kelly and started going to the Children of the Night shelter in Van Nuys, CA. using our songs to get the kids to talk about their feelings. The counselors were amazed at how the kids related to the music and asked us to return. We have been working with Children of the Night on a regular basis since that first visit. From there, we added other shelters and agencies working with young people. The tremendous problems facing young people and families across America relating to alcohol and drug abuse, violence, sexual abuse and teenage runaways are spoken of daily through various media outlets. Many parents across America spend sleepless nights wondering where their teens are and how to help them turn in a more positive direction. Young people experiencing these problems have a high incidence of addiction, running away, suicide, depression, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and feelings of hopelessness. As a nurse and a mother, I was interested in learning more about the problems young people are facing today and found a way to combine my love of music with my nursing background. Working side by side with my daughter, singing and discussing real life issues with more and more teens who responded positively to our approach, we found a way to make a difference. Establishing Special Angel Inc. as a non-profit organization enabled us to bring The Special Angel Project to more kids. The Elton John AIDS Foundation gave us our first grant. We are so grateful to them for getting us off to such a good start and encourage your support of their mission. Other supporters have enabled us to reach thousands of kids over the years. One of my greatest joys is seeing Kelly as a Mom now with her own little girl, Alie. She is a wonderful Mother and Alie is a delight to watch as she has such confidence and is so kind and caring with her friends. Life is a circle and music has been both a healer and a teacher for all of us. The circle continues as Kelly and her husband Rob added twin boys to the family in 2008. And the beat goes on! Our work is expanding to include younger children as well as teens. Sharing the message of HOPE is what SPECIAL ANGEL is all about. As we tell the kids: "It's never too late to be what you might have been." Contrary to what some may believe, kids today will listen when spoken to in the right way. Music is always a language they understand. You'd be surprised at how much they have to say if only you will LISTEN. I always wanted to do something lasting in memory of my brother Carl who died at the age of 19. He had a difficult time getting through his own teen years and became the "angel" who inspired me to help troubled teens. Carl was the manager of the first band I ever sang with. We performed in and around Augusta and Atlanta, Georgia many years ago. I wrote some of the songs we performed and the rest was just good old rock and roll. It was a fun and exciting time. We recorded at Atlanta Sound Recording Studio. The spirit of The Expressions, and my brother Carl, lives on! Learn more about the Expressions and how I started my singing career in our book “Some Day It Will Matter” All of us have something to give. Your purpose is rooted in your passion and I have always been passionate about music and helping others. It all began with my brother Carl and those great guys who made up The Expressions! The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. ~ Chinese proverb Thank you for visiting our site. Come back soon. I believe in angels! Suzanne Lawrence Geimer RN~ Founder Special Angel Inc.


"Every kid in trouble needs a special angel. We all have it in us to be one."

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