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Healthy Living

Special Angel is focused on teaching about healthy living from childhood on. Parents today need to understand the importance of the example they set for their children in all aspects of their life. We will continue to focus on education about addiction and self esteem issues. We  focus on the importance of not giving in to peer pressure and the many other issues facing teens today. Special Angel is proud to have many health related experts on our team. Dr. Julia Tatum Hunter's skin care advice covers all aspects and many teens benefit from her treatment of acne. Dr. Steven Jacobs has an extensive background in the treatment of addiction and chemical dependency. Iris Lee Knell is an LCSW specializing in Adolescent and Family Therapy. She is also a Certified Interventionist. In the near future, Special Angel will feature video presentations from our experts speaking on subjects of interest that we hope will be helpful to you in your journey to health, wellness and happiness. Healthy Lifestyles Include: - Healthy Eating - Healthy Thinking - Healthy Relationships - Healthy Environment - Healthy Living - Longer, Younger, Better Teachers, parents, all of us need to encourage healthy activities for youth. Set good examples and encourage exercise on a regular basis. Choose something fun and do it together! Alie enjoys doing yoga with us.


"Every kid in trouble needs a special angel. We all have it in us to be one."

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